Definition of six of the best in English:

six of the best


humorous, historical
  • A caning as a punishment, traditionally with six strokes of the cane.

    ‘one prefect would hold you down and the other would give you six of the best’
    • ‘He had received six of the best for ‘persistently flouting school rules’.’
    • ‘I got six of the best with twelve inches of finest wood - Mr George's dreaded ruler across the back of the legs before being torn off a strip about vandalising school property.’
    • ‘As a Bunyip who still remembers the pained humiliation of being forced to thank his headmaster for six of the best, the Professor has some idea how hard all those decades of penitent grovelling must have been on German pride.’
    • ‘And she was sorry, she said, she had to give us the strap, six of the best.’
    • ‘Well, I didn't enquire too closely, but as far as I could make out it was literal corporal punishment, doled out for failing to perform one's ‘duties’ - six of the best for not doing the laundry, that sort of thing.’