Definition of sitting room in English:

sitting room


  • A room in a house in which people can sit down and relax.

    • ‘The three floors above the chapels were bedrooms and sitting rooms for visitors.’
    • ‘It is the size of a small city, with three pools and open-air sitting rooms where guests can make themselves at home.’
    • ‘Theatre companies are staging productions in nightclubs, pubs and sitting rooms.’
    • ‘Whispers of an imminent betrothal were shared up with tea and biscuits in sitting rooms across London.’
    • ‘All the bedrooms and studies and sitting rooms were of Chinese style while the dining rooms, lounges and bathrooms were Western.’
    • ‘It is frequently necessary for us to use electric lighting in our sitting rooms in daytime even in midsummer.’
    • ‘Within the confines of modern homes, formal sitting rooms seem like a waste of space.’
    • ‘Wallpaper used to be reserved for conference centres, cheap motels and suburban sitting rooms.’
    • ‘They pass through bedrooms with tiny beds, sitting rooms, a dining room, until they come to the room where Proust slept as a boy.’
    • ‘People who watched the videos liked the familiar and popular shows in their sitting rooms but would welcome mobile TV content that is suitable for short and occasional viewing.’
    • ‘They have two sitting rooms that allow male and female visitors to be separated as stipulated by the faith.’
    • ‘Ronnie Wood ambles through the French windows into one of the sitting rooms of his sprawling house on the edge of London.’
    • ‘The master suite features his and hers sitting rooms, one of which was turned into a large closet.’
    • ‘Images of these events are seen in people's sitting rooms all over the world.’
    • ‘Paul is an accomplished artist whose unique work adorns many sitting rooms and hotel lobbies throughout the country.’
    • ‘Now derelict, the stone property has planning permission to be restored as a four-bedroom home, with one bathroom, two sitting rooms, a dining room and a fitted kitchen.’
    living room, lounge, front room, drawing room, morning room, reception room, salon, family room
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sitting room