Definition of sit in in English:

sit in

phrasal verb

  • 1(of a group of people) occupy a place as a form of protest.

    ‘students have been sitting in on and off this week’
    • ‘Just as we were ready to enter Allen's office to sit-in we learned that he had decided to vote against any more funding for the occupation.’
    • ‘We had been condemning segregation verbally for a long time, but we had lent ourselves to it by not sitting in.’
    • ‘The next morning Jesse Jackson would come and compare us to young folks sitting in for civil rights for black citizens during his youth.’
  • 2Attend a meeting or discussion without taking an active part in it.

    ‘I sat in on a training session for therapists’
    • ‘The deal was that I'd sit in for three classes and then he could decide if I added value or not.’
    • ‘The school was also ranked third in the country when inspectors sat in on lessons.’
    • ‘The visiting teachers sat in on lessons and had the chance to talk to both teachers and pupils.’
    • ‘Members of the public are always most welcome to sit in on our monthly trust board meetings.’
    • ‘Three years ago Camalyn had gone into work with her mother and sat in on one of the anger management classes.’
    • ‘The minister then sweeps in and proceeds to sit in on each table's discussion.’
    • ‘Because what are they hiding, if they don't want you to sit in on the meetings?’
    • ‘Judge Morris allowed the McBrearty family to sit in for two issues that arose in relation to them from Mr Jennings.’
    attend, be present at, be an observer at, observe, watch
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