Definition of sit down in English:

sit down

phrasal verb

  • 1archaic Encamp outside a city in order to besiege it.

    ‘with a large force he sat down before Ravenna’
    • ‘The Russian army, provided with a full park of artillery for the siege, sat down before it in the middle of May.’
    • ‘William drew from his encampment at Cahirconlish, and, confident, of an easy victory, sat down before Limerick.’
  • 2British Accept or put up with an unwelcome situation or development.

    ‘if they think I'm going to sit down under it, they can think again’
    • ‘It is no consolation to Aberdeen that Perth is doing well, and I cannot see Aberdeen "sitting down under it."’
    • ‘Moved to the bench was something he wasn't about to take sitting down.’
    • ‘A proposal to shut the public loos in Pewsey is not being taken sitting down by villagers.’
    • ‘The result was that this unfortunate person had to sit down under it and do nothing at all.’