Definition of Sistine in English:



  • Relating to any of the popes called Sixtus, especially Sixtus IV.

    • ‘The two-and-a-half hour Mass began with the Vatican's Sistine Choir singing the Gregorian chant, Grant Him Eternal Rest, O Lord.’
    • ‘When the Sistine ceiling was finally unveiled, Julius, who had defied death on several occasions, was impressed, surveying it ‘with immense satisfaction’.’
    • ‘Understanding the hidden power of biology to shape our most cherished relationships may banish Cupid to the Sistine ceiling forever.’
    • ‘The inside walls were painted in patterns similar to the Sistine ceiling.’
    • ‘Creation of the first man, Adam, inspired Michelangelo to realise upon the Sistine ceiling a moment of visionary grandeur, a tremendous pictorial thunderclap, eternally resonating.’


From Italian Sistino, from Sisto ‘Sixtus’.