Definition of sipunculan in English:


adjective & noun

  • See Sipuncula

    • ‘The position and composition of the cells suggests that they are homologous to the gliointerstitial cell system of molluscs, sipunculans, annelids echiurans.’
    • ‘In echiurans, sipunculans and in most polychaete annelids at least portions of the coelomic lining form the somatic and visceral musculature.’
    • ‘Although mollusks, annelids, brachiopods, and sipunculans are closely related, the relationships between them are not well resolved.’
    • ‘Morphology places sipunculans with annelids and molluscs, and their mitochondrial genes relate them to annelids.’
    • ‘Siboglinids, echiurids, myzostomids, and sipunculans, are four taxa with enigmatic evolutionary origins.’