Definition of sippy cup in English:

sippy cup


  • A small cup with a lid and a spout, for an infant or young child to drink from.

    • ‘Kadir Nelson's adorable paintings playfully depict typical scenes of tiny-tot mayhem: a sippy cup cast aside, a toppled bowl of Cheerios, a mouthful of playground sand.’
    • ‘I grinned as I started to help Dylan with his sippy cup of formula.’
    • ‘By the time the chicken was done, Professor Anderson said, the UV light revealed chicken juices everywhere - on the counter, in the sink, on cabinet handles, even on the sippy cup of the cook's two-year-old child.’
    • ‘Life in a new community, far from our friends and family, gets a lot less lonely once we're surrounded by new friends who know exactly where to find both the wine glasses and the sippy cups.’
    • ‘As we were getting ready for bed tonight, Nat picked up her night-time sippy cup and handed it to me.’
    • ‘I didn't notice his fascination with his sister's Cheerios and his cousin's sippy cup.’
    • ‘She won't drink from a sippy cup.’
    • ‘Jimmy knocked his sippy cup onto the floor with a delighted squeal.’
    • ‘The plastic spill-proof sippy cup: Kid drinks out of it, throws it to the floor, and repeats.’
    • ‘Saturday's energetic and diverse reproductive rights march over the Brooklyn Bridge was as dangerous as a child's sippy cup.’
    • ‘He sat in his chair that Sunday smiling and drinking from his sippy cup.’
    • ‘Now I'm back home after a weekend away watching the girl sprinkle milk from her sippy cup onto her grapes.’
    • ‘She was gently rocking him back and forth while holding a sippy cup full of milk for him.’
    • ‘Do not give your child a sippy cup of juice or milk in the crib.’
    • ‘I turned to say a quick goodbye to my little brother, but he was too interested in his sippy cup to notice.’
    • ‘Adam went to the guest room, and Lucy proceeded to suck down a sippy cup of milk.’
    • ‘I fed him some jarred baby food and apple sauce, helped him drink formula from a sippy cup, and then we went on our long walk.’
    • ‘The sippy cup should be introduced at six months of age in preparation for weaning from the bottle or breast at 12 months.’
    • ‘Leta spent the entire evening grabbing her cousin Noah's things: his chips, his crayons, his sippy cup.’
    • ‘He was shaking his spill-proof sippy cup up and down, listening to the juice inside slosh around.’


sippy cup