Definition of siphonophore in English:



  • A colonial marine coelenterate of the order Siphonophora, such as a Portuguese man-of-war.

    • ‘Complex, highly integrated colonies, such as siphonophores, display a well defined colony shape with determinate growth.’
    • ‘Chondrophorines were once classified with another unusual group of hydrozoans, the siphonophores.’
    • ‘The siphonophores have achieved a degree of integration such that they are often regarded as solitary organisms in spite of their colonial organization.’
    • ‘Evolutionary developmental innovations important for colonial integration have evolved independently in many colonial hydrozoans, and are displayed both in Hydractinia and in more advanced forms of siphonophores.’
    • ‘Some siphonophores may reach lengths of over a meter and migrate up to 300 meters vertically in the water column in an hour.’