Definition of Siphonaptera in English:


plural noun

  • An order of insects that comprises the fleas.

    • ‘Mecoptera and Siphonaptera represent two insect orders that have largely been overlooked in the study of insect vision.’
    • ‘Sixteen species of Siphonaptera are sampled and identified.’
    • ‘The name Siphonaptera is derived from the Greek words ‘siphon’ meaning a tube or pipe and ‘aptera’ meaning wingless.’
    • ‘Of the orders recorded with certainty for the first time from Tertiary beds, the Strepsiptera and Siphonaptera may have been relatively late developments, but the others were probably more ancient.’
    • ‘The Stewart Siphonaptera collection was accessioned by the Essig Museum upon Dr. Stewart's death in 1961, now making up essentially our entire holdings of Siphonaptera.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek siphōn ‘tube’ + apteros ‘wingless’.