Definition of sinuous in English:



  • 1Having many curves and turns.

    ‘the river follows a sinuous trail through the dale’
    • ‘Shutters are thin timber slats set between curved metal guiding rails; sinuous, gentle, they roll back into themselves like roll-top desks.’
    • ‘On the same program soloist Robert Johnson's Five Loaves of Bread and Two Fish reached out in sinuous, endless curves that spoke of a different kind of quest.’
    • ‘Lizards scurry in the leaf litter at my feet, monkeys feed noisily in the branches above nay head, a vine snake makes its sinuous way toward an unsuspecting small bird.’
    • ‘They offered me a morsel of their rococo scorpion roll, which snaked across a plate in sinuous curves.’
    • ‘The landscape here was more undulating, the lanes more sinuous and the wine-tastings deeply intoxicating.’
    • ‘The pale blue concrete countertop traces a sinuous curve around one corner to create a breakfast area near the family room.’
    • ‘Some designs have a sinuous, undulating quality that is identifiably French.’
    • ‘Ribbons can be more or less straight, sinuous, twisted, or convoluted.’
    • ‘The sinuous lines and whiplash curves that are widely recognized as the hallmarks of the style were not universally adopted.’
    • ‘On the left side, a sinuous twig curves from the stem base around the back of the bowl.’
    • ‘The fence pictured above coils into a sinuous spiral.’
    • ‘Covered with mysteriously indented curves and sinuous ridges, the sculpture invites comment and touch.’
    • ‘Smoke rose from the piece's mouth, trailing upward in a sinuous line before disappearing into thin air.’
    • ‘Beautiful terraced gardens sloped down towards the wide Conwy estuary, with the sea-going river a sinuous curve of silver between gleaming mud banks.’
    • ‘Flying in, I had been mesmerized by sinuous curves of sloughs and streams which wove together, then apart, meandering toward the gulf.’
    • ‘The battlefield diminished behind us as we snaked down a sinuous road.’
    • ‘Monochrome blocks, representing single species planting, undulate in sinuous curves of primary colour reminiscent of Miro or Arp.’
    winding, windy, serpentine, curving, twisting, meandering, snaking, snaky, zigzag, zigzagging, turning, bending, curling, coiling, undulating
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    1. 1.1 Lithe and supple.
      ‘the sinuous grace of a cat’
      • ‘It's not just that he's 5ft 2in tall, it's also that his sinuous, muscly frame makes him look as if he is verging on petite; more like a racing jockey than a racing driver.’
      • ‘he had a graceful white body with delicate cloven feet and a long sinuous tail.’
      • ‘The lights focus in on the stage to highlight the sinuous muscles of the three men rising and turning in an avant-garde mix of movement over break beat.’
      • ‘The two earlier ones are stocky and powerful while the later ones, slender and long-limbed, dance with supple, sinuous grace.’
      • ‘Kerry moves and stands with a sinuous grace.’
      • ‘The catwalk was illuminated beautifully to highlight the embroidery and sequin work on the garments displayed by the sinuous models.’
      • ‘The building's exterior is nothing but curves and lines, sinuous and simple, like the body of a ballet dancer.’
      • ‘Its design studio has to style cars with the sinuous, feline grace that defines the brand, while making sure new offerings look fresh.’
      • ‘Her sinuous grace makes even the most complicated manoeuvre look not just effortless but perfectly natural.’
      • ‘He approached the girl, his movement so sinuous, so lithe; Cora wondered that no one else stared.’
      lithe, supple, agile, graceful, loose-limbed, limber, lissom, willowy
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Late 16th century: from French sinueux or Latin sinuosus, from sinus ‘a bend’.