Definition of sins of the flesh in English:

sins of the flesh


humorous, archaic
  • Sins related to physical indulgence, especially sexual gratification.

    • ‘But a PR sweetie of my acquaintance, based in North Yorkshire, is suffering from the amazing safeguards imposed by her employers to protect the world from the sins of the flesh.’
    • ‘He absorbs the corruption, the filth, the sins of the flesh, the manager giving him orders now drunk at the bar with his arms around two giggling blondes.’
    • ‘It was seen as a blissful cornucopia of earthly blessings, easily accessible high-quality sins of the flesh, and delights of the spirit.’
    • ‘The trouble was that despite being in holy orders they were easily tempted by the sins of the flesh.’
    • ‘That's what the aristocrats of 18 th-century Venice did when they celebrated Carnevale, their last chance to indulge the sins of the flesh before Lent.’
    • ‘The cross of Christ dealt with us, and the sins of the flesh, and the life of Christ is made available to indwell, rebuild and empower us.’
    • ‘The Church is not only about forbidding the use of contraception and warning against the sins of the flesh.’
    • ‘He was known as the epitome of arrogance, a man with the highest regard for his own art, an iron will and a taste for what St Peter would regard as the sins of the flesh.’
    • ‘The sins of the flesh - lust and gluttony - thus ‘devour the whole man’ like a monstrous mouth, so that the sinner's body is assimilated to that of the monstrous Behemoth.’
    • ‘It's a city that has depended on sins of the flesh for its economic lifeblood (the bars, the casinos, the strip joints), but it is also a city that confesses its sins.’