Definition of sinnet in English:



mass nounNautical
  • Braided cordage in flat, round, or square form, made from three to nine cords and used for making mats, lashings, etc.

    • ‘Divide the cords of each group into 2 groups of 4 cords and tie 4 inches of Half knot sennit, each turn the opposite way.’
    • ‘By using the hot knife, you can cut the sennit on a angle that will fit into corners like a picture frame.’
    • ‘Sometimes cracked wooden bowls were repaired with sennit, and it was used to lash together the parts for knee drums or to attach shark teeth to weapons.’
    • ‘Gaskets made of French sennit are only used for topgallant and royal yards.’
    • ‘Hull planks of the ship were then lashed with sennit.’


Early 17th century: of unknown origin.