Definition of sinless in English:



  • Free from sin.

    ‘the sinless life of Christ’
    • ‘It is asserted that she was ‘full of grace’ and that she was free from original sin and sinless for her whole lifetime.’
    • ‘Initially innocent, sinless, and holy, he was in a right relationship to God, to woman, to himself, and to the natural world around him.’
    • ‘Let us look next at the sinless life of the blessed Son of God.’
    • ‘Have mercy on us and give us strength to bear what the word of God reveals - that a sinless, incarnate God died for our sins.’
    • ‘More to the point, Christians of many persuasions and nuances try to reconcile Jesus, friend of sinners, to Jesus, sinless Son of God.’
    innocent, pure, virtuous, faultless, unsullied, undefiled, as pure as the driven snow, whiter than white, uncorrupted, unblemished, untainted, untarnished
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