Definition of sinker in English:



  • 1A weight used to sink a fishing line or sounding line.

    • ‘If you're in shallower water then a floating line is fine but if the current is really deep and strong then you're probably going to need a quick sinker to get down to where the fish are lying.’
    • ‘It's simple to rig, by tying the main line to the top eye, clipping a sinker to the swivel link and tie the leader to the swivel at the end of the boom arm.’
    • ‘Another tip learned from experience, is to use a heavier sinker than you might think is really necessary.’
    • ‘First away were Eddystone eels in the new steel blue and fluoro yellow colours, their long supple tails wig wagging at a rapid rate as they were towed into the depths by the sinkers.’
    • ‘For shallower and/or slow waters I use an intermediate and a slow sinker.’
    • ‘Another result of human interaction is lead poisoning resulting from ingestion of fishing sinkers.’
    • ‘Fishing these rigs and baits is simple, tap the bottom with your sinker, reel up four or five turns and wait for the bite.’
    • ‘Floating lines are probably going to be enough but if you're really trying to get down deep during hot weather then you'll need different rate sinkers.’
    • ‘Two other Cortland lines I use are both sinkers, a medium and fast sink.’
    • ‘A strong boom is needed to carry the pound or more of lead that your sinker is going to weigh.’
    • ‘The young men had a big circular fishing net with metal sinkers sewn along the edges.’
    • ‘Ouch: fishing lines, hooks and sinkers can do a lot of damage.’
    • ‘Trail fifty or sixty yards of line behind the boat with no sinker, swivel or anything on the line.’
    • ‘Constantly feel for the bottom, often you will feel the sinker dragging up the side of a sandbank, then a ‘floating’ sensation as the sinker clears the crest of the sandbank.’
    • ‘When a fish bites, the sliding sinker enables it to swim a short distance with the bait before feeling resistance.’
    • ‘The Cod were playing hard to get and the squid baits had to be just about holding the bottom, so that if you lifted the sinker off the bottom by a few yards, the tide would wash the end rig a few yards further downtide.’
    • ‘After lowering the bait, feel the sinker tap bottom, quickly reel in a few turns to take the rig clear of the snaggy rock bottom and wait for the fish to find the bait.’
    • ‘Of course, there are times when the temperatures drop too low even for these fish, and then, it's a case of an intermediate or slow sinker and lure patterns.’
    • ‘The main reason why many anglers fail to catch is because their baits are not on the bottom, they are not using sinkers which are heavy enough to nail the bait down into the fish catching zone.’
    • ‘If the sinker is light, then the flow of the tide can lift your baits twenty or thirty feet away from the bottom and the feeding fish!’
  • 2Baseball
    A pitch which drops markedly as it nears home plate.

    ‘he throws a sinker as hard as 92 mph’
    • ‘Now he's trying to smooth out his delivery and return the sink to his sinker.’
    • ‘Davey is more accurate than he was in the minors, but he might need to aim higher or take some of the sink out of his sinker.’
    • ‘It seemed to help in a recent game, when he came in and got four straight Twins to ground out with sinkers that actually sunk.’
    • ‘But I wasn't looking for that pitch because he was now throwing sinkers away.’
    • ‘His signature sinker wasn't sinking, and it appeared Brown relied on an arm angle that would put less pressure on his injury.’
  • 3A type of windsurfing board of insufficient buoyancy to support its crew unless moving fast.

    • ‘In 1981 Jaap beat his own record with 25.2 knots on a new sinker.’
  • 4US A doughnut.

    • ‘We had some sinkers for breakfast and I can feel them yet.’