Definition of singularize in English:


(British singularise)


[with object]rare
  • 1Make distinct or conspicuous.

    ‘a family name singularized by the recurrence of these warrior prelates’
    • ‘Oocytes were isolated and singularized by collagenase.’
    • ‘I grew up among a ‘chosen people’ who behaved as Herrenvolk - as all those who believe themselves singularized by suffering or entrusted with a special mission from God.’
    • ‘Meanwhile the transitions and cross cutting formulations are hackneyed, usually singularised by low-angle zooms arranging the actors in Swimsuit Calendar poses.’
  • 2Give a singular form to (a word)

    ‘the nouns were incorrectly singularized’
    • ‘After the war, it was singularized, as in ‘The United States is a democratic republic.’’