Definition of singsong girl in English:

singsong girl


  • 1(in China) a female entertainer.

    • ‘At the top end of the scale were gaily decorated establishments featuring singsong girls and dancers.’
    • ‘He listens to her, he even starts to help the singsong girls, because she tells him to.’
    • ‘If your city is Changan, then get poets to come and declaim their works while beautiful singsong girls in translucent dresses play the lute in the background.’
    • ‘As the money flows again and the foreigners return, the singsong girl too is making a comeback.’
    • ‘But the war's end heralded a prosperous age for Chinatown, a bustling, noisy, colourful area of street theatre, singsong girls, food stalls, dragon parades and other festivities.’
    1. 1.1informal A prostitute.
      • ‘In those days the nearby Fuzhou Road was the red-light district, where tea houses and bordellos teemed with singsong girls whose lilting dialects lured clients.’
      • ‘There were lots of singsong girls and Japanese soldiers.’
      • ‘Even Du Fu associated with singsong girls once in a while.’
      • ‘Along the way, he encounters slave traders, a singsong girl and a single mother as well as rapists who inveigle him into committing the same heinous acts as they do.’
      • ‘During his stay in Lhasa, he kept a daily record of the weather, his changes of clothes, what precious stones he bought in the street and their prices, invitations to singsong girls and their names, and so forth.’