Definition of single blessedness in English:

single blessedness


  • The state of being unmarried.

    • ‘As for Richard Wilson's sister, she, having been wholly unable to recapture Mr. Lawrence, or obtain any partner rich and elegant enough to suit her ideas of what the husband of Jane Wilson ought to be, is yet in single blessedness.’
    • ‘Lucy Larcom believed that ‘a life of ‘single blessedness’’ was preferable to ‘marrying and giving in marriage’.’
    • ‘I have a daughter, a model of beauty and loveliness, and I am desirous of wedding her with the Sultan, because one such as thou should not remain in single blessedness’
    • ‘There are single people who deliberately chose to be singles as they have discerned that is their vocation: single blessedness.’
    • ‘While Israel informs readers that this ‘single blessedness’ could be rather lonely and demoralizing, it was still an Amazonian utopia compared with the lives of the other single subgroup at the time: the immigrant working girl.’