Definition of single-seater in English:



  • A vehicle or aircraft for one person.

    as modifier ‘a single-seater glider’
    • ‘A single-seater aircraft, it looked rather tiny, but the 37 mm cannon in its nose, its barrel protruding through the propeller boss, was not.’
    • ‘It certainly is much better than a single-seater car, especially Formula One where the spray has a dramatic impact upon driver vision.’
    • ‘Wilbur reportedly won the right over his brother to pilot their hand-built single-seater plane on the toss of a coin.’
    • ‘As has been stated above one of the main fuel tanks was removed from the fuselage in order to adapt the aircraft from its original single-seater design.’
    • ‘The single-seater car is also equipped with a tape recorder which keeps playing pre-recorded messages about cricket history.’