Definition of Singaporean in English:



  • Relating to Singapore or its people.

    ‘from this school, students can enrol in a Singaporean college, university, or polytechnic’
    • ‘A luxury cruiser more than 50m long was commissioned by the Singaporean businessman.’
    • ‘The airline recently unveiled its inflight meals, which consist of some of the most sought-after Singaporean cuisine.’
    • ‘A Singaporean firm has developed a software program named Sally that can respond to short mobile-phone text messages in an eerily human way.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Singapore.

    ‘it is common for Singaporeans to compare Australian home prices with prices here’
    • ‘Singaporeans are great savers who live in a very secure society.’
    • ‘The 44-year-old Singaporean exudes an otherworldly openness of mind.’
    • ‘The Singaporean scored four holes in one in a two-month period last year, the last of which occurred on Christmas Day.’
    • ‘A Singaporean claimed that he could still use his thumb drive even though it had been accidentally put through the wash by his wife.’
    • ‘Singaporeans are not enthusiastic about voice recognition software, judging from an online poll.’