Definition of sing-jaying in English:



  • See sing-jay

    • ‘His original vocal style - imbued with great sweetness and communicativeness - which often digresses into sing-jaying, perfectly interacts with his essential, pulsating and electric rhythms.’
    • ‘Stylistically, he's a mix of Tracy Chapman and Bob Marley with a touch of Richie Spice-ish sing-jaying, but his voice just doesn't resonate.’
    • ‘He invented a unique vocal technique, both melodic and ‘percussive’, inspired by ‘sing-jaying’ (an early form of toasting).’
    • ‘It's these vocalists who round out Moerth's intentionally minimal and taut music: they bring to the table heartfelt soul, Waterhouse-style sing-jaying, and good-time reggae bashment vibes.’
    • ‘In fact he already has, with his outrageous, operatic style of sing-jaying spawning endless variations among his dancehall competitors.’