Definition of sinewy in English:



  • 1Consisting of or resembling sinews.

    • ‘Then swiftly pulled it through the sinewy cord, laughing triumphantly he held huge severed equine testicle up for Berdan to see!’
    • ‘There were gobs of fat and sinewy bits throughout the whole rib cut - it was soooo wrong.’
    • ‘William could feel the statues pressing into his back, their sinewy shapes slithering against his skin.’
    • ‘Gage is 6-4,212 pounds, with long, sinewy legs.’
    • ‘Comprised of a long sinewy pull followed by a spry frog kick, the pulldown is a holy moment of shrouded watery silence.’
    • ‘This is a magnificent top, the hub of four sinewy ridges that radiate from the summit to form the apex of five huge corries.’
    • ‘Supporting this sinewy armor plate was a rib cage that seemed to have been designed more for a silverback gorilla than a man.’
    • ‘It was described as ' sinewy ' and ' packing a punch ' by the medical writer Galen.’
    • ‘As the sinewy red mass ascended through clear fluid, a bizarre blob formed at the tip, broke loose, and floated upward.’
    • ‘It was served like the others with rice, red and green peppers and onions, but the lamb was sinewy.’
    • ‘The crowd focuses on Wesley Bunch, a tanned, sinewy mountaineer from Jackson with a massive blond afro.’
    • ‘There's a sinewy onion strand nestled between them.’
    • ‘Hanger steak is as good as the one in the Paris outpost, sinewy, briny, and full of brash flavor.’
    muscular, well muscled, muscly, brawny, well built, powerfully built, burly, strapping, sturdy, rugged, strong, powerful, broad-shouldered, athletic, well knit, muscle-bound, herculean, manly
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    1. 1.1 (of a person or animal) lean and muscular.
      ‘a short, sinewy, sunburnt man’
      figurative ‘the language is spare and sinewy’
      • ‘A place where the contours of the land itself forms a kind of sinewy poetry.’
      • ‘She says protection is the fiercest instinct — sinewy, jagged, unpredictable.’
      • ‘He plunges into each situation without preamble, then utilizes sinewy, staccato prose to snare our attention.’
      • ‘The sinewy first movement, which is the most concise in the whole of Bax's symphonic cycle, packs a powerful punch.’
      • ‘Inside, a sinewy, mustachioed fellow is tinkering with one of the machines.’
      • ‘The band's 1998 debut Hope Is Important was chock full of sinewy indie-punk riffs.’
      • ‘With the help of two sinewy coolies next to him, he rose to his feet.’
      • ‘He was a small, sinewy man, 67 years old.’
      • ‘Her body is a mass of contradictions - strong yet frail-looking, sinewy yet delicate.’
      • ‘Drinking his orange juice he watches her flick through a Vogue, stopping to examine the androgynous, sinewy form of some teenage model.’
      • ‘Viola was a small, sinewy, speedy hurricane, spewing surprises with every contraction.’
      • ‘First, he did his little purr thing, followed by his sinewy arch thing.’
      • ‘A spare, sinewy ascetic, he gazes at the crucifix with an emotional intensity unseen in paintings of the early 1470s.’
      • ‘His sinewy body gives him a youthful appearance belying his 56 years.’
      • ‘He'll bring his sinewy, rhythmic pieces to life on stage with the help of members of the Kalmunity crew.’
      • ‘Physically, Close seems wrong: she is pointy of face, sinewy of frame.’
      • ‘The river is brown, sinewy, convulsing like electrically stimulated muscle.’
      • ‘Rico stretched his arms, sinewy roped muscle rippling beneath the thin, sweaty T-shirt fabric.’
      • ‘His thin, sinewy frame is a testimony to his inability to earn a decent wage.’
      • ‘Charlton is looking, in language, for something beyond what he calls "the sinewy slippage of language"'.’