Definition of sinecurist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪnɪkjʊərɪst//ˈsʌɪnɪkjʊərɪst/


  • See sinecure

    • ‘Those who best serve their country too often pine and decay, whilst pensioned miscreants and lazy sinecurists roll in riches.’
    • ‘Suppose the debt repudiated, the sinecurists cut off, the army disbanded, the officers and men of the navy discharged and the ships sold.’
    • ‘The connection with the past has been broken by the appointment of know-nothing placemen and sinecurists.’
    • ‘He died a sinecurist and pensioner on the public purse.’
    • ‘His hatred was strong for sinecurists and all other ‘tax-eaters’ who fed off the high taxation that impoverished the common people.’