Definition of sindoor in English:


(also sindur)


mass noun
  • Red pigment made from powdered red lead, especially as applied as a dot on the forehead or in the parting of the hair of married Hindu women.

    • ‘This could be offset with sindoor, chalk and wood.’
    • ‘Then she scanned me for signs of ‘marriage’ - no mangalsutra, no sindoor, jeans and t shirt.’
    • ‘The bindi is made of red powder (called sindur, traditionally made from powdered turmeric and fresh lime juice), sandalpaste or cosmetics.’
    • ‘A wizened old lady passing by in a deep red sari, pallu draped over head and sindoor all smeared over her receding hairline, chastises her for carrying the shoes in the hand that she would use to pray to God with.’
    • ‘They were decorated with flowers, and smeared heavily with yellow turmeric and red sindoor.’


Hindi sindur, from Sanskrit sindura ‘red lead’.