Definition of sinciput in English:



  • The front of the skull from the forehead to the crown.

    • ‘When there is extension, the occiput is higher than the sinciput and the occiput is the cephalic prominence.’
    • ‘On abdominal examination, more than half the fetal head is above the symphysis pubis and the occiput is palpable at a higher level than the sinciput.’
    • ‘The bregma, forehead, nose, mouth, and chin are born in succession as the sinciput sweeps along the sacrum.’
    • ‘In moderate deflexion, the occiput and sinciput meet the pelvic floor simultaneously, no internal rotation and the head persists in the oblique diameter.’
    • ‘Your sinciput, dear friends, is the part of your head from the forehead to the tippy top.’


Late 16th century: from Latin, from semi- ‘half’ + caput ‘head’.