Definition of sin of commission in English:

sin of commission


  • A sinful action.

    • ‘The sins of omission are always worse than the sins of commission in journalism.’
    • ‘But we rarely hear about the West's more recent sins of commission.’
    • ‘And should my sin of commission or omission create employment, I do not even need to be acquitted.’
    • ‘He should have done more, he knew it was wrong, and he had tolerated evil to be done, a sin of omission, equally as bad as a sin of commission.’
    • ‘War and rumors of war are matters of judgments of past failures by all, of sins of commission and omission, of what has been done and what has been left undone.’
    • ‘As the parable implies, the fervently devout may have a harder time admitting their sins of commission and omission than the less observant.’
    • ‘Generally with the media it's always the sins of omission, not the sins of commission, that are the more grave.’
    • ‘Finally, several respondents take issue with my policy recommendations, based on alleged sins of commission or omission.’
    • ‘The early common law was hard put to deal with the intentional infliction of harm, and sins of omission are popularly regarded as less culpable than sins of commission.’
    • ‘Besides the sins of omission, there are also sins of commission.’