Definition of simultaneous equations in English:

simultaneous equations

plural noun

  • Equations involving two or more unknowns that are to have the same values in each equation.

    • ‘In dealing with simultaneous equations, Zhu certainly presented improvements, giving a method essentially equivalent to Gauss's pivotal condensation.’
    • ‘We solve numerically a system of two simultaneous equations, with two unknowns, as follows.’
    • ‘Because the issue is not how the simultaneous equations, partial derivatives or matrices are manipulated, but what the symbols in the various equations purport to represent.’
    • ‘The simultaneous equations suggested in Equation 2 and developed at each road section were used to study the variation in PCU with influencing parameters.’
    • ‘An illustration of the mathematical complexity of the problem is that the final stage involved the solution of over six million simultaneous equations.’


simultaneous equations