Definition of simple eye in English:

simple eye


  • A small eye of an insect or other arthropod which has only one lens, typically present in one or more pairs.

    Contrasted with compound eye
    Also called ocellus
    • ‘This schizochroal optical system, acting as an aggregate of simple eyes, may have provided a kind of stereoscopic vision because of the geometrical arrangement of lenses on the visual surface.’
    • ‘Complementing the large compound eyes, locusts have three much smaller simple eyes or ocelli characterized by rapid signal transmission and high photic sensitivity but very poor spatial resolution.’
    • ‘Humans, indeed all seeing vertebrates, have so-called simple eyes: they have a single lens system, focusing light to form one, continuous image of the outside world.’
    • ‘Between the compound eyes are usually three simple eye, or ocelli.’
    • ‘They consist of a pair of compound eyes made up of numerous six-sided facets (28,000 in some dragonflies, 4,000 in house flies) plus three simple eyes.’