Definition of simoom in English:


(also simoon)


  • A hot, dry, dust-laden wind blowing in the desert, especially in Arabia.

    • ‘Does he expect the Bedouins led by Rudolph Valentino to come sweeping like the simoom out of the desert?’
    • ‘It is subject to constant dust-laden winds variously known as sirocco, khamsin, simoom and harmattan.’
    • ‘From this soil sprouts stately guitar arpeggios and hesitant piano refrains that occasionally meet billowing dark ambient winds and shrivel up like a flower of the desert that senses a simoon coming from afar.’
    • ‘It is of old a native of the East, sister of the tornado, the earthquake, and the simoom.’
    • ‘And then slowly, implacably, the weather changed, the desert began its insidious creep, the simoon started to scour the land and the hills with its harsh dragon's breath.’


Late 18th century: from Arabic samūm, from samma ‘to poison’.