Definition of silverside in English:



  • 1British mass noun The upper side of a round of beef from the outside of the leg.

    ‘large cubes of silverside’
    • ‘But how to make good use of the topside, silverside and thick flank was always less well understood.’
    • ‘The Northern Professor beetled off to buy Rare Breeds postcards, while I went back to the Food Tent for major investments - lobster, boiled this morning, half a chicken halibut, proper sausages, and some bargain silverside.’
    • ‘My roast veal was three rectangular pieces of beast with the grey, gristly flavour of school silverside.’
    • ‘Less expensive cuts such as brisket, silverside or topside have plenty of collagen, a protein present in connective tissues.’
    • ‘We learn that silverside is the classic cut from the back of the thigh, from the muscles that do all the hard work propelling their owner from one place to another (ie, quite tough).’
  • 2A small, slender, chiefly marine fish with a bright silver line along its sides.

    Family Atherinidae: several genera and species

    • ‘Populations of Atlantic silversides occur along a latitudinal gradient where northern populations are exposed to lower temperatures and a shorter growing season compared to southern populations.’
    • ‘Inland silversides were particularly common prey of juvenile gar in Lake Texoma, making up 84% of the diet, with gamefishes accounting for less than 1% of the diet.’
    • ‘This consists of killifishes, herrings, sardines, gobies, silversides, anchovies small mullets, and lizardfishes to name a few.’
    • ‘Groups such as silversides, herrings and anchovies often congregate in feeding shoals numbering in the millions.’
    • ‘The latter group includes Atlantic silversides, M. menidia, capelin Mallotus villosus and the mummichog, F. heteroclitus.’