Definition of silverberry in English:



  • A North American shrub related to the oleaster, with red-brown stems and silvery leaves, flowers, and berries.

    Elaeagnus commutata, family Elaeagnaceae

    • ‘One such is the silverberry, Elaeagnus argentea, a shrub of northern N. America, especially the Hudson's Bay region, which bears edible fruits.’
    • ‘If you are unfamiliar with the silverberry, you may walk right by it, wondering at the mysterious source of the delightful scent which bewitches your nostrils.’
    • ‘The silverberry seeds we used were picked in Yellowknife.’
    • ‘Of particular interest is traditional Gwich'in summer clothing made of white caribou hides, sewn with sinew, and decorated with porcupine quills, trade beads, silverberry seeds, fringes, and ochre.’