Definition of silver thaw in English:

silver thaw


  • A glassy coating of ice formed on the ground or an exposed surface by freezing rain or the refreezing of thawed ice.

    • ‘The silver thaw referred to in this poem is a Canadian Maritimes word for an ice storm covering all with glaze ice.’
    • ‘And then there are the silver thaws, we had one that lasted for weeks when I was a kid!’
    • ‘Freezing periods, with or without snowfall, usually end with a storm, during which the first 24 to 48 hours of rainfall freezes to all surfaces, called a silver thaw or ice storm.’
    • ‘I knew that one never steps in the same river twice, but I had forgotten that one also does not step into the same silver thaw twice, either.’
    • ‘It is conditions like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, firestorms and silver thaws that remind us how little control we have over our environment and how much control it has over us.’