Definition of silver solder in English:

silver solder


mass noun
  • A brazing alloy consisting largely of copper and silver.

    • ‘I heard that with some of the early adoption of silver solder used on the electronics boards of PCs, disc arrays etc., problems have been encountered when in contact with even small amounts of sulphur in the atmosphere.’
    • ‘Cut a small sliver of the silver solder for each joint to be soldered.’
    • ‘Then, on a trial and error basis, the silver solder was heated, the bond broken, the barrels realigned and the process repeated.’
    • ‘The piston features a stepped groove to allow a better silver solder between the piston itself and the top rod.’
    • ‘The oven is precisely temperature-controlled for the type of silver solder being used and filled with inert gas to prevent oxidation.’