Definition of siluroid in English:



  • A fish of an order (Siluriformes ) that comprises the catfishes.

    • ‘Large channel siluroids that feed on the characins are the second group of prized fish.’
    • ‘During their life cycles, the large characins and siluroids need to undertake long migrations in the large rivers and their main tributaries for breeding and feeding purposes.’
    • ‘Experts say catfishes, a species of siluroid, can survive even in seriously contaminated water because its gill and skin both perform the respiratory function.’
    • ‘He published over 120 papers on diverse groups of fishes and topics (characids, gobiids, blennioids, dactyloscopids, ophidioids, siluroids, and anguilloids).’


  • Relating to the siluroids.

    • ‘From the want of symmetry in the base of the specimen, I suppose it to have been the pectoral spine of some huge siluroid fish.’
    • ‘Large siluroid fish are caught using a wooden double hook, the design of which is unique to South America.’
    • ‘The genus Belodontichthys dinema was proposed by Bleeker in his revision of siluroid fishes.’
    • ‘A wide spectrum of characoid, gymnotoid and siluroid families, cichlids, and poeciliids are especially well represented.’


Mid 19th century: from Silurus (genus name) + -oid.