Definition of Silly Putty in English:

Silly Putty


mass nountrademark
  • A mouldable silicone-based substance, sold chiefly as a toy, which may stretch, shatter, or bounce sharply, depending on how it is manipulated.

    • ‘A popular product that uses a silicon-based inorganic polymer is Silly Putty.’
    • ‘With over 300 million sold, it's also one of the most loved toys of all time - Silly Putty.’
    • ‘He kneaded Silly Putty to strengthen his hands and wrists.’
    • ‘In my lecture I tell the story of how Silly Putty was invented (a World War II experiment to create a synthetic rubber gone awry.)’
    • ‘Yes, it had some snack and coffee machines, but he also added some things specifically intended to relieve stress: Silly Putty, a dartboard, a videogame, a TV, and some magazines.’