Definition of silk moth in English:

silk moth


  • A large moth with a caterpillar that spins a protective silken cocoon.

    (also 'giant silk moth') a saturniid moth.

    ('the silk moth') a domesticated Asian moth whose larva is the chief commercial silkworm (Bombyx mori, family Bombycidae).

    • ‘In the Northeast, a single species of parasitic fly has caused declines in the populations of two native silk moth species.’
    • ‘While the silk of Saturniidae moths is considered inferior to that of Asian silk moths, it is tough and durable.’
    • ‘For example, many North American species of giant silk moths do not interbreed because they mate at different times of day.’
    • ‘The project is aimed at providing work and income for the Leonardville community as well as solving the problem of the wild silk moth, whose cocoons have caused deaths in livestock eating them.’
    • ‘The principle species used in commercial production is the mulberry silkworm, which is the larva of the silk moth, Bombyx mori.’


silk moth