Definition of silk gland in English:

silk gland


  • A gland in a silkworm, spider, or other arthropod that secretes the substance which hardens as threads of silk or web.

    • ‘What makes it so strong is the magical transformation of tiny droplets of protein solution into silk thread that takes place in a complex structure called the silk gland.’
    • ‘Derived orb-web weaving spiders use specialized sets of abdominal silk glands to manufacture up to seven types of fibers and glues.’
    • ‘Despite the name and appearance, camel spiders are actually solifugids which, unlike spiders, do not have venom or silk glands.’
    • ‘The various types of silk are produced by different specialized silk glands and nozzles called spinnerets.’
    • ‘The spider manufactures silk protein in its silk gland, at which point it is still soluble.’