Definition of silicotic in English:



  • See silicosis

    • ‘The inhaled dust deposited in the bronchioles and alveoli reacts within the lung tissue to form silicotic nodules.’
    • ‘he functional alterations of the lung are caused not only by the silicotic lesions but also by accompanying diseases as chronic bronchitis and emphysema.’
    • ‘The cause of atelectasis is thought to be due to enlargement of silicotic lymph nodes based on image study.’
    • ‘In a period of 18 months, we have encountered 4 cases of right middle lobe atelectasis associated with endobronchial silicotic lesions of right middle lobe bronchi.’
    • ‘Neither HIV-positive nor silicotic miners had any special clinical monitoring or follow-up at this site until an HIV care clinic was started in 2000.’