Definition of signwriter in English:


(also sign painter)


  • A person who paints commercial signs and advertisements.

    • ‘In those days, a tradesman who wanted a sign on his van either had to have it cut in vinyl by hand or have it painted on by a signwriter.’
    • ‘Even our display signs, which we use to advertise at shows, are done for us by a Heywood signwriter.’
    • ‘Miners Marty Knutson and Tim Coles were joined by local businessman Wayne Rachel in erecting the sign, which had been created by the town's sign painter in the city works building.’
    • ‘The pub was named after Queen Victoria but three years ago when a signwriter belonging to the Scottish and Newcastle brewery repainted the pub sign, it was so faded he couldn't make out which monarch it should be.’
    • ‘At about the age of sixteen he was apprenticed to a sign painter in whose shop his work included painting tinned cans.’
    • ‘Maude Edwards in the corner shop said: ‘Now the next thing you want to do is get a signwriter in.’’
    • ‘There are barbershop sign painters in western Africa with no less ability than graduates of the most prestigious design programs in North America.’
    • ‘He was a signwriter and housepainter by trade, admiring William Morris and Walter Crane and specialising in mural decoration.’
    • ‘He began as a sign painter and is now a prizewinning painter and sculptor whose assemblages of automobile parts evoke Mouride solidarity, with emphasis on the uplifting joys of ecstatic faith.’
    • ‘Stella decided on the pattern of stripes before beginning the work, and then executed it as impersonally as possible, like a sign painter.’
    • ‘With Walker's permission their curator, Susan Cahan, engaged a sign painter to create stencils that would allow the figures to be painted directly on the wall.’
    • ‘I'd always insist on being driven to Stratton Saint Margaret where a signwriter advertised himself by covering his house and the wall of his adjacent yard with samples of his craft.’
    • ‘The coach has been hired from Plaxton's for the election and the signwriters were just putting the finishing touches to the blue livery when the big day was announced yesterday.’
    • ‘‘I love color and playing with color,’ says Julie, a sign painter with an art background.’
    • ‘He was also a superb signwriter and used to teach it at the York School of Art in the same building as the present-day Art Gallery.’
    • ‘It was this search for truth which in 1989 persuaded Wright to abandon a decade of painting on canvas, learn the trade of a sign painter and investigate the enduring power of semiotics.’
    • ‘Mr MacDonald, who worked as a signwriter at Rowntrees, said: ‘I painted dozens of signs there and everybody makes mistakes but not on signs like this.’’
    • ‘Because the band made little money, the members had day jobs to get by, Guggi working as a signwriter, gradually spending more time on it than in the band.’
    • ‘A recent graduate of Stanford University, Auerbach works as a sign painter in San Francisco, in a shop devoted to the traditional practice of hand lettering.’
    • ‘And it would certainly be a mercy if signwriters and greengrocers gave up on the apostrophe.’