Definition of signing in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of writing one's signature on an official document.

    ‘the signing of the Anglo–French agreement to build Concorde’
    • ‘She expressed ‘surprise and concern’ at not being informed of the terms of the agreement prior to its signing.’
    • ‘The signing of the agreements on Wednesday was delayed for several hours because of last-minute disputes over power-sharing.’
    • ‘This event commemorates the signing of the Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers on 5 October 1966.’
    • ‘Obviously, as we both have always maintained, reaching an agreement is by far the best way forward, and to this end request you forward the document for our signing.’
    • ‘The official signing of the accord will take place by early February in Belgrade.’
    • ‘Governor Blagojevich's signing of this bill is evidence that making your voice heard can have a tangible effect on the laws that are passed.’
    • ‘Lanxing is attempting to complete due diligence inspections by the end of January, in preparation for the signing of a sales contract by the end of March.’
    • ‘An order I wrote on Saturday needed re-writing and signing by the customer this evening before an appointment at seven.’
    • ‘The signing of contracts will take place in August and development will proceed immediately.’
    • ‘World Wetlands Day on 2 February marks the occasion of the signing of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance in 1971.’
    • ‘I hereby witness the signing of this document by the above named in my presence.’
    • ‘The meeting in Salzburg coincided with the third anniversary of the official signing of the Stability Pact.’
    • ‘That is, by having an independent adult witness the signing of a document reduces the ability of the signatory to successfully deny the signature as a forgery at a later date.’
    • ‘He's tying the event in with the signing of the American Declaration Of Independence, signed a couple of miles over the other side of the city.’
    • ‘Authorization typically occurs through the signing of an authorization document.’
    • ‘The meeting was in consensus on the roll out plan to implement the network early next year, subject to signing of the agreement.’
    • ‘He also played an active role in the two countries' signing of the trade agreement last year.’
    • ‘Called the ‘nikah-namah,’ it is the signing of the marriage contract in front of witnesses.’
    • ‘The question was about the signing of the contract, which was not signed until a week before the production finished.’
    • ‘The rules eliminated the obligatory signing of a complicated contract and instead offered customers the opportunity to sign a simple receipt of the transaction instead.’
    1. 1.1 The action of recruiting someone, especially to a professional sports team or record company.
      ‘the signing of overseas players’
      • ‘The off season signing of Green, the NFC's top-rated passer last year for the St. Louis Rams, was met with much fanfare.’
      • ‘Other than the imminent signing of rookie Mike Smith, there are no indications right now the roster will look drastically different.’
      • ‘He was the team's most expensive free-agent signing of the off season.’
      • ‘That extra time could allow the team to pursue a trade or signing late in spring training.’
      • ‘After the surgery, Rivera offered to return his signing bonus, but the Cowboys wouldn't let him.’
      • ‘Underwood signed a two-year deal with no signing or roster bonuses and only a few performance incentives to boost his minimum pay.’
      • ‘All teams make signings that don't seem to pay off; it has become part of football.’
      • ‘The free-agent signing of LB James Darling might prove to be one the best acquisitions of the off season.’
      • ‘At the start of camp, Conway felt he had to practice even though he had a tight hamstring in order to justify his signing to team management.’
      • ‘Some managers probably feel that supporters demand signings, in particular when they are on a losing run or the team has injuries.’
      • ‘Here are some players worthy of signing as restricted free agents in exchange for late-round picks this year.’
      • ‘The Evening Press understands that another major signing could also be on the way to bring further cheer to the supporters - though his name has so far been kept under wraps.’
      • ‘The best and brightest earned fat signing bonuses, big salaries, and fancy perks.’
      • ‘Heupel's signing doesn't mean the team won't draft a quarterback.’
      • ‘Gibson's injury triggered the off season signing of John Thornton, who will start alongside DT Tony Williams.’
      • ‘This is the type of signing that exemplifies the best of free agency: a player who didn't mesh with one system receiving a chance on a team that is a better fit.’
      • ‘Forget the latest flap: he won't be traded unless he returns some signing bonus money.’
      • ‘Pasiya also said his club opened a cheque book for the signing of an undisclosed defender for the coming season.’
      • ‘At least one free agent signing will be mandatory, as someone with a name is going to have to take over for the departing Todd Jones.’
      • ‘Belle Vue have landed top Czech star Tomas Topinka in a bid to improve their dismal home record - and another big signing is in the pipeline.’
    2. 1.2British count noun A person who has recently been recruited, especially to join a professional sports team or record company.
      ‘Manchester United's latest signing’
      • ‘He has been a pillar of strength at full back - the model of consistency and a top signing according to football director Steve Simms.’
      • ‘City currently have three players on loan - league rules allow up to four short-term signings at the same time.’
      • ‘He desperately needs support, but the Newcastle manager has promised at least three new signings by the end of August.’
      • ‘But United said the impact of these signings would be spread across current and subsequent financial years.’
      • ‘Sid Domic, another top overseas signing, is set to play stand off.’
      • ‘Taylor's team contained no fewer than seven signings since last summer.’
      • ‘He surely could have never seen some of the close season signings play and that clubs must have offloaded them to us as part of an old pal's act.’
      • ‘However, the management team moved quickly to bring in a clutch of signings and the season has picked up.’
      • ‘Birmingham's summer signing has been a stalwart at right back as the team has put a difficult start to the campaign behind them.’
      • ‘He has brought in and got rid of a number of players, but remains keen to make more signings.’
      • ‘Peck, who became Leigh's chief executive earlier this week, is promising to help finance further signings.’
      • ‘Recent signings will undoubtedly provide extra strength and depth but Warne will always remain the key man.’
      • ‘Yes, I think there were six new signings in the summer and you can't expect players to click straight away.’
      • ‘Chelsea signed him in the summer and I think he will turn out to be one of the best signings made by a team this summer.’
      • ‘He also appears to have a lot of influence on players and could land some top signings.’
      • ‘A club record signing of £1m, he confounded supporters and the club by missing training sessions and going shopping instead.’
      • ‘The signings, although no huge names, appear to be pretty decent players and seem to have fit into the pace of the English game well.’
      • ‘Souness's other new signings are starting to feel more at home, though.’
      • ‘Since I came here we have played very well and if it is down to the new signings then I am pleased with that and it also shows great managerial skills!’
      • ‘But the club probably needed some changes after last season and I'm sure all the new signings will do very well.’
    3. 1.3count noun An event in a bookshop or other place at which an author signs a number of books to gain publicity and sales.
      ‘Jeffrey Archer was doing a book signing’
      • ‘She comes to realize a celebrated artist who is in Toronto for a book signing is the daughter she gave up for adoption more than 30 years earlier.’
      • ‘It was just interviews and book signings and photographs until the end of the day when I flew back to London.’
      • ‘It is a lot of work; not so much the writing of the book, but the marketing of the book, you know, and the signing of all the books.’
      • ‘The nearest that writers get to a bit of feedback is at book signings.’
      • ‘He goes to book signings and film festivals and is being invited to teach classes.’
      • ‘Liz is out and about doing signings and publicity too, so you may catch her at a bookshop or event near you.’
      • ‘Whilst in Ilkley Mr Titchmarsh will also carry out an informal book signing of his latest work The Royal Gardeners - for which the TV series will also start to be screened during November.’
      • ‘A limited number of books should be available for sale and signing at the event.’
      • ‘It seems as if every second call is from someone asking for dates of the show or when the book signings will take place.’
      • ‘I do a lot more book signings than are in my contract because I do believe in them.’
      • ‘The signings for the readers will come after the book comes out and is available to be bought in shops.’
      • ‘There will also be debates, farmers' markets, demonstrations, wine tastings and book signings.’
      • ‘Once he has finished the readings and signings to promote his book, Buchanan wants to move to England to be near his children.’
      • ‘But now I have a fake signature for my books, which I have to do at signings and promotions.’
      • ‘For now Ricky is busy attending book signings around the country to promote his autobiography Ricky.’
      • ‘We were nearing the end of the signing, my fingers aching and weary from the many scribbled autographs I had done, my eyes tired and strained from the flashes of cameras.’
      • ‘Other activities include book signings by local authors, art and craft exhibitions and an open gardens day.’
      • ‘A book signing will take place at Reids Bookshop, Cavendish Street, Keighley, on Saturday, December 6, at 3 pm.’
      • ‘Her popularity is obvious whenever she turns up at a book shop for a signing.’
      • ‘He will not arrange book readings or signings, get her interviews, or push for reviews.’
  • 2Sign language.

    ‘most special schools use some form of signing’
    • ‘The school therefore does emphasise the use of signing, in particular Makaton and Sign Along.’
    • ‘It'd be a good way for her to practice her signing.’
    • ‘The ‘El Diablo’ hand sign often is confused with the deaf's signing of the phrase, ‘I love you.’’
    • ‘Although signing is an international language Ashton says he expects to be working with deaf children who are not familiar with it.’
    • ‘Observing sign language in one person was provocative, but now we were observing signing by deaf people and their hearing family and friends in three widely separated communities.’
    • ‘It usually takes several months of parental signing before a child will respond.’
    • ‘Fluent signing (between one and two signs per second) produces a conversational rate comparable to that of speech.’
    • ‘Such was the proficiency of the family's use of sign language that when the mother wanted to express her feelings to the daughter, she felt able to do that more effectively by signing than by speaking.’
    • ‘He outlined the practice of audism in which deaf people shun the traditional deaf community and signing, preferring to use residual hearing, speech and lip-reading.’
    • ‘Through lip reading, limited signing, and writing we were able to communicate.’
  • 3The provision of signs in a street or other place.

    ‘emergency signing will guide diverted traffic’
    ‘the shop's layout and shelf signing are excellent’
    • ‘But the report suggests that the current signing is not sub-standard and extra signs, near to the structure, would seriously detract from its appearance.’
    • ‘It's used in all their signing and advertising to create a focused decorative element that doesn't conflict with the art in the store.’