Definition of signed, sealed, and delivered (or signed and sealed) in English:

signed, sealed, and delivered (or signed and sealed)


  • Formally and officially agreed and in effect.

    ‘the government doesn't want us to know about their deal until it's all signed, sealed, and delivered’
    • ‘Now, in this province, not only can you no longer trust a handshake deal, you can't even trust a signed and sealed legal document with all the fine print carefully scrutinized.’
    • ‘We will fight on and on and only stop once the final contract is signed and sealed.’
    • ‘Nothing seems to be conclusively signed and sealed; pessimism overwhelms most of the NGOs as well as various justice and peace organisations.’
    • ‘We had hoped it all would be signed, sealed, and delivered by now.’
    • ‘There's nothing signed and sealed yet, there's still a lot of rugby to play to make the play-offs.’
    • ‘We are currently looking at the demolition tenders and we believe a deal will be signed and sealed within two months.’
    • ‘I just hope it is not a case of prolonging the agony and I won't believe everything is okay until a deal is signed and sealed and I'm reading it in the paper.’
    • ‘Dolan said: ‘We are hopeful the deal will be completed by the end of today but I do not want to say who it is until everything is signed and sealed.’’
    • ‘I know I won't do anything next time until everything is signed and sealed.’
    • ‘He said: ‘We could have delayed the announcement until all the contracts were signed and sealed, but this is about being open and honest.’’
    authorized, accredited, approved, validated, authenticated, authentic, certified, endorsed, documented, sanctioned, licensed, formal, recognized, authoritative, accepted, verified, legitimate, legal, lawful, valid, bona fide, proper, true, ex cathedra, signed, sealed, and delivered, signed and sealed
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