Definition of signalize in English:


(British signalise)


[with object]
  • 1Mark or indicate (something), especially in a striking or conspicuous manner.

    ‘people seek to change their name to signalize a change in status that has taken place’
    • ‘The EKG showed a straight line and emitted a steady ringing tone, signalizing the end of the young man's life.’
    • ‘I think I was forgotten on the other line because the next thing I heard was the click signalizing that the phone had been hung up.’
    • ‘Dr Johnson, the literary giant of the age, basked in the political approval of the new regime, signalized with a pension from Lord Bute in 1762.’
    • ‘Some of the tradespeople signalised the event by a display of flags, and thousands of people thronged the streets, many coming in from distant places to witness the opening proceedings.’
    • ‘A clock on the wall takes on symbolic meaning: It signalises the passing of time and human life to which the grandfather returns as a ghost to bid goodbye to his grief-stricken grandson.’
    distinguish, make distinctive, mark, set apart, identify, specify, indicate, denote, designate, stamp
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    1. 1.1archaic Make (something) noteworthy or remarkable.
      ‘a little flower with not much to signalize it’
      • ‘A teacher of large and varied attainments was procured, and pupils instructed by him have passed into private colleges, where they have signalised themselves most creditably.’
      • ‘So far from this variation not having been signalised before, it actually formed one leading subject of a controversy that was carried on between theologians of distinguished eminence, both Protestant and Romanist, before the publication of Bossuet's "History of the Variations."’
      • ‘We could easily prove that this variation has been "signalised" by many theologians.’
      • ‘The year 1866 was signalised by a remarkable incident, a mysterious and puzzling phenomenon, which doubtless no one has yet forgotten.’
  • 2Australian US Provide (an intersection) with traffic signals.

    ‘signalized crossroads’
    • ‘Mr Marko said fencing would also be erected on the roundabout to ensure pedestrians crossing the road only used the two new signalised crossings, including the one recently installed on State Highway 29.’
    • ‘However, the small set of sites at which the trial was conducted cannot be regarded as a representative sample of all signalised intersections.’
    • ‘Drivers approaching a signalised junction have to decide whether to stop or cross on the amber signal.’
    • ‘The installation of red light cameras at signalised intersections brings about large reductions in driver violations of red lights of the order of 40-60% in most countries reviewed.’
    • ‘Bonneson and McCoy used a linear modelling approach to develop a model that has the capability to predict traffic accidents at signalised intersections based on traffic flow.’
    • ‘But Wood said the province is blowing the safety issue out of proportion on the stretch of road that connects with West Vancouver and that 80 per cent of the accidents are at signalized intersections in Whistler and Squamish.’
    • ‘Performance measures produced by the model include flow rate, mean speed, mean delay, mean stop rate, mean travel time, link level of service, congestion index and queue length at signalised intersections.’
    • ‘Three groups of intersections - signalised intersections, roundabouts, and priority intersections - were evaluated.’
    • ‘Among the technologies being explored are transit vehicle priority at signalised intersections and the use of a mobile bus-mounted machine vision system for transit and traffic monitoring.’
    • ‘Since the start of the Singapore camera program in August 1986, about one in five signalised junctions out of about a thousand had been installed with one, two or three camera systems over a 5-year implementation phase.’
    • ‘We urgently need red-light cameras at all signalized intersections.’
    • ‘The danger now is that we shall have signalised pelican crossings on Long Street, like the one outside Roses, bleeps and all.’
    • ‘The preferred solution is to create a signalised junction with an improved left turn for traffic entering the A659 from the A162.’
    • ‘Highways engineer Mike Speermain said: ‘We will signalise the access on High Royds Drive which will be used by buses and Guiseley Drive may or may not by signalised.’’
    • ‘Now the time has come too where we need to get to debris cleanup and get the roadways signalized.’
    • ‘The junction is situated between two signalised intersections; the upstream one being 300 m away, and the downstream one 120 m away.’
    • ‘Within the context of driver risk-taking, drivers negotiating a signalised junction at higher speeds will be taking a greater risk than those travelling at lower speeds.’
    • ‘The use of automatic cameras at signalised intersections started in Europe in the early 1970s, in Australia on a wide scale in the 1980s, and in the US in the early 1990s.’
    • ‘The analysis focused on a typical four-lane arterial route with signalised intersections at 250 metre spacing.’
    • ‘Traditionally, two types of evaluation studies are carried out in the field: those which observe driver behaviour at signalised intersections, and accident studies.’