Definition of sign someone up in English:

sign someone up

phrasal verb

  • Formally engage someone in employment.

    ‘the company is signing up people to write programs’
    • ‘In 2003, Walker was signed up by the sportswear manufacturer despite being just three-and-a-half.’
    • ‘They have worked hard in other areas, with suggestions that men of this calibre of might be signed up as support staff for the new coach.’
    • ‘Meanwhile she refused to confirm that the actress has been signed up to promote her Ultimo underwear.’
    • ‘The Bolton TV presenter has been signed up by Radio 1 DJ, becoming the station's third presenter from the town.’
    • ‘Earlier this year Lipman was signed up to promote her erstwhile employer's arch-rival, the Carphone Warehouse.’
    • ‘If Romanov is serious, he should let Robertson identify the players he wants to keep at the club and sign them up on new contracts.’
    • ‘I'll definitely be getting a place in the Hamptons when Calvin Klein finally signs me up for a worldwide marketing campaign.’
    • ‘Former aerospace man Stuart Roby has been signed up to streamline manufacturing processes in the North-west.’
    • ‘The TV veteran and former boxing champion has been signed up as a columnist by the Aberdeen Evening Express.’
    • ‘The 15-year-old from Worsley has been signed up for a major role in a comedy drama series about teenagers, called The A to Z of Everything.’