Definition of sign someone in (or out) in English:

sign someone in (or out)

phrasal verb

  • Record someone's arrival (or departure) in a register.

    ‘he's signed you in and is waiting for you’
    ‘he spent five days in hospital before signing himself out’
    • ‘I walked to the desk, slid on my work apron and signed myself in.’
    • ‘She went into the clock check-in and signed herself in.’
    • ‘The chief fire officer signed him in as a firemen, when he arrived at the station.’
    • ‘They are welcome to use every part of the club as long as they are signed in.’
    • ‘The gig is free and doors open at 8.30 pm, but remember you need a Union member to sign you in.’
    • ‘One of them, Ms. Jill, who always makes mommies and daddies sign kids out, said to us ‘good morning’ and she waved.’
    • ‘I just hope my papa is correct in his assumption that if he signs me in as a guest it won't be a problem…’
    • ‘Woody signed me in and we made our way back to the Bistro where the group was forming up.’
    • ‘He signed himself out of the hospital and went to Arcadia for an examination from his primary physician, who sent him home.’
    • ‘Tickets are $20, but you do need a member to sign you in.’