Definition of sign up in English:

sign up

phrasal verb

  • 1Commit oneself to a period of employment, education, or in the armed forces.

    ‘he signed up for a ten-week course’
    • ‘Unhappy at home, and with no money to go to college, he had signed up for four years in the US Air Force.’
    • ‘To what exactly did they think they were committing themselves when they signed up for the job?’
    • ‘We found this to be an excellent tennis program when our entire family signed up for lessons one year.’
    • ‘A roughly equal number of boys and girls signed up for last night's course at Bradford Youth Centre.’
    • ‘Should people be allowed to not do part of the jobs that they signed up for because of moral objections?’
    • ‘When he signed up for the army it was tantamount to an admission that reality had intruded on his dream.’
    • ‘Instead of doing sporty things, I signed up for a class on willow weaving.’
    • ‘This is why I've signed up for the Open University degree in Environmental Science.’
    • ‘A novice in the ways of the waves, I did the sensible thing and signed up for a surf lesson with the Winter brothers.’
    • ‘She signed up for four movies under prestigious banners, even before a single release!’
    1. 1.1also sign something up Conclude a business deal.
      ‘the firm has signed up with a new Russian company’
      • ‘However, those visiting the slopes of Bulgaria will not be covered by the card, as that country is not signed up to the free treatment deal.’
      • ‘What it doesn't have is a religious sect of expensively-suited consultants who could descend on an IT operation and sign it up to lucrative long-term facilities deals.’
      • ‘There is still some way to go before the deal is signed up and even then it may take some time for any money to be released.’
      • ‘ABL has been operating the centre on behalf of the Council for seven years since it opened but will go it alone as soon as the deal is signed up.’