Definition of sigmoidal in English:



  • See sigmoid

    • ‘The majority of the curves display a simple sigmoidal pH dependence; however, several residues exhibit more complex shapes.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the curve describing the aggregation equilibrium in the membrane shows that aggregation in this phase is much less favored as compared to water and exhibits a marked sigmoidal shape.’
    • ‘A blood sample drawn at presentation was examined; unlike all other specimens studied, there was a sigmoidal increase at 550 nm, but not at 610 or 700 nm.’
    • ‘The stopping probability curves are distinctly sigmoidal in shape, and the decreasing slope at further distances reflects the attenuating effect of the distance × speed interaction.’
    • ‘When onion seedlings recovered from water stress, the growth curve was sigmoidal and it took approximately 5-6 d before the elongation rate of the shoot or root reached a maximum.’