Definition of sigil in English:



  • 1An inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power.

    • ‘It is a variation of my mage's sigil, which is four straight lines that create a seven-pointed star.’
    • ‘He's also said to have created the Baphomet sigil, based on the inverted pentagram.’
    • ‘Curious, some points of reference about these things suggest sigils as an ideal way to introduce yourself to magic.’
    • ‘Isnt a sigil just a compressed symbol of meaning to the person who created it?’
    • ‘And sigils are generally associated more with chaos magick or pop magick, which isn't the same thing as Wicca, though there's some overlap.’
    • ‘Carry chalk in your pocket and mark sigils on the walls, or print them onto stickers and put them all over the place.’
    • ‘I am thinking of several possible methods, such as ritual work combined with foci symbols or sigils, but have not quite made up my mind on this matter.’
    • ‘Last nights circle was based on runes and sigils, learning their meanings and making our own runes.’
    • ‘All coincidence is magick, whether someone specifically charged and released a sigil for it or not.’
    • ‘Take some blank white paper, and draw your sigils on it.’
    • ‘There seems to be only so much power a sigil can summon, so to speak.’
    • ‘A person can go on about sigils, runes and spells for hours in an educated and well read fashion but how far does that match up with personal experience?’
    • ‘One friend is now fascinated by sigils and symbol systems.’
    • ‘Galahad felt power rise in him again and silently commanded the sigil to disappear.’
    • ‘He used to paint his sigils onto the speakers of radios - empowering the sound!’
    • ‘Vallug threw him a little circle with some runes and sigils on it.’
    • ‘Faintly glowing silver sigils appeared on the slips, in the form of a circle enclosing an oil lamp, a river, and several abstract designs.’
    • ‘He had Dante draw the necessary sigils as he prepared the spell.’
    • ‘It was taxing to repeat the performance, and took nearly twice as long to finish drawing the sigils and runes.’
    • ‘As for me, the first ever thing that really impressed me with magick was the results of a sigil to contact an animal spirit in dream.’
    1. 1.1archaic A seal.
      ‘the supply wains bore the High King's sigil’
      • ‘Wessex replaced the sigil within the drawer, beside another ring.’
      • ‘"Then you will graciously endorse the document with your sigil," said the woman.’
    2. 1.2literary A sign or symbol.
      ‘a 1925 Buick limousine, the sigil of Tom's naturalization’
      indication, signal, symptom, hint, pointer, suggestion, intimation, mark, manifestation, demonstration
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Late Middle English: from late Latin sigillum ‘sign’.