Definition of sightworthy in English:



  • Worth seeing or visiting.

    • ‘Absolutely sightworthy is a collection of portraits of the Polish kings titled ‘The entrance of Jadwiga’ by Wladyslaw Rossowski, a model of a late-Gothic town, and a huge panoramic painting of the city.’
    • ‘The 40 minutes film tells a lot about the history and legends of Niagara and is really sightworthy.’
    • ‘The historical buildings in Hankou, all with European architectural styles, including the former consulates of the United States and Germany, and business offices of Citibank and HSBC, are well preserved and sightworthy.’
    • ‘The only reason to stop at Cao Bang is to recharge your batteries for a bit before reaching other sightworthy points in the neighbourhood, of which Ban Gioc Waterfall is the best.’
    • ‘Within these two sections, the most sightworthy and impressive scenery could be enjoyed in Zhenyuan Ancient Town.’
    • ‘In this area the spring flora is particularly sightworthy.’
    • ‘Besides the famous Golden Age of Athens, earlier Greek civilizations also flourished and produced sightworthy art.’
    • ‘China's giant panda ranks the first among the global most sightworthy animals, according to a recent survey on the internet.’
    • ‘Badaling and Juyong Pass are the most sightworthy and most easily accessible part of the Wall, with good and convenient tourist facilities.’