Definition of sightless in English:



  • 1Unable to see; blind.

    ‘blank, sightless eyes’
    • ‘Between the torch brackets, images of long-dead nobility gazed down at them with an air of sorrow, as if their sightless eyes regretted the passing of more cheerful days.’
    • ‘Oedipus angrily dismissed the sightless old man, accusing him of conspiring with Jocasta's brother, Creon, to overthrow him.’
    • ‘Moreover, both compositions boast the same cast of eccentrically posed, heavily built characters, with their unmistakably distorted faces and sightless eyes.’
    • ‘In Oedipus Rex, the proud yet morally blind king plucks out his eyes, and has to spend his remaining days as a wandering, sightless beggar, guided at every painful step by his daughter, Antigone.’
    • ‘He and his coworkers are tracking the progress of 20 children in India, ages 6 to 15, who grew up sightless before the surgical removal of their cataracts.’
    • ‘Suddenly, Cy stopped ranting and faced Peter once more, with a faint glimmer of recognition in his sightless eyes that were now filled with tears running down his leathery cheek.’
    • ‘Evoking the myth of Pygmalion, a woman portrayed as a sightless sculptor in Blind Vision brings to life a Napoleonic man of clay who responds to the touch of her modeling by opening one seeing eye.’
    • ‘Maia turned her sightless eyes towards the shopkeeper.’
    • ‘Their sightless eyes, black as tar, ‘looked’ in every direction.’
    • ‘Jophiel cocked his head, his cornstalk hair dipping in front of his sightless eyes.’
    • ‘Lee's sightless eyes followed the sound of Frank's voice.’
    • ‘To convince the enemy of their menacing strength, the townspeople were ordered to bang drums, blow trumpets and jostle the sightless envoy.’
    • ‘In Barcelona, 1934, she photographs a man on a stool on a sidewalk, his white eyes sightless, the crook of his cane resting against one thigh, a beggar's bowl in his hand.’
    • ‘Beneath the ancient hammer beam roof, and under the sightless gaze of stone statues of the Saxon kings, the MPs gathered on the eastern side of the south end of the hall, peers on the western side.’
    • ‘Above the doorway, the sightless eyes of tigers stare down from their plinths; below is a signed daguerreotype of Queen Victoria.’
    • ‘Wordenwood now plans to start a special foundation for the blind that will push for the use of Braille on lures to help sightless fishermen around the world.’
    • ‘The girl stares at the shark, her pretty human eye focused on the eye of the sightless, eerie fish.’
    • ‘Shah Alam II ruled well until his eighties and died as a sightless wretch dressed in rags when an army from Bengal led by General Gerald Lake stormed Delhi and Agra.’
    • ‘The McDonoughs consulted with their veterinarian, who advised them that they were too busy to cope with the challenges posed by a sightless canine.’
    • ‘Now you know what an auditory minefield we sightless people face all the time.’
    visually impaired, unsighted, visionless, unseeing, stone blind, eyeless
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    1. 1.1literary Invisible.