Definition of sighting shot in English:

sighting shot


  • A shot made to test that the sights of a firearm are correctly adjusted.

    • ‘There is an immovable sight-in target that allows unlimited sighting shots to get adjustments on target.’
    • ‘After a three-minute preparation time, during which the shooters are introduced to the audience, and a five-minute sighting shot period, separate commands are given for each competition shot, with a time limit of 75 seconds per shot.’
    • ‘At this stage of the war gunners had to fire ‘sighting shots ' to ensure accuracy before opening a bombardment.’
    • ‘Before the competition shots, but within the time limit, the shooter may fire an unlimited number of sighting shots at specially marked targets.’
    • ‘Casey shot the remanded five sighting shots before waiting for the other and reloading the magazine.’