Definition of sighting in English:



  • An instance of seeing or catching sight of something, typically something unusual or rare.

    ‘the reported sightings of a UFO near a Suffolk airbase’
    • ‘The UFO Society had been inundated with phone calls about the unusual sightings.’
    • ‘There have been sightings, which are so far unconfirmed, of otters at Shipley and Keighley.’
    • ‘Last year the Gazette reported sightings of the creature at the back of Helm Hill and at Natland.’
    • ‘The hot summer of 2003 has led to more northern sightings of Britain's smallest rodent.’
    • ‘Dolphins are in the area most of the year, with some sightings of whales reported.’
    • ‘Rare sightings of him suggest a depressed individual, bloated and forlorn.’
    • ‘There have been reported sightings of Big Cats like pumas and panthers in West Wales and the rest of Britain for years.’
    • ‘Ghostly sightings at the castle have included a monk on the ancient motte staircase and an apparition of a medieval lady.’
    • ‘The Gazette has reported sightings of black big cats as far apart as Calne, Great Bedwyn and Malmesbury.’
    • ‘The warnings come after pest control officers reported a surge in calls reporting sightings of rats and mice.’
    • ‘They blame the city's burgeoning night-time economy for increased sightings of rats.’
    • ‘There have been reported sightings of a ghostly figure wandering through the pub in Shirley.’
    • ‘The incident room was swamped with thousands of sightings of suspicious green cars across the UK.’
    • ‘Several cougar sightings have been reported in the Lynn Valley area in the past two weeks.’
    • ‘This week online clairvoyant Graham Dare provides answers to two spooky spirit sightings.’
    • ‘The spokesman said few sightings of dead fish between Haxby and York had been reported.’
    • ‘Keighley is now recognised as a UFO hot spot, with dozens of sightings being reported over the years.’
    • ‘Even a trip to the beach at La Rochelle yielded sightings of sea holly and sea lavender in nearby sand-dunes.’
    • ‘In the past year there have been several reported sightings of the so-called beast.’
    • ‘Rithe points out that tigers have become nocturnal and sightings are very rare.’